Saturday, November 1, 2008

Adventures in Dorkdom

Both Joleen and I thought it had been a little quiet around the Portals camp (email box) the last couple of weeks, especially when we have emailed so many of the artists we admire to submit artwork for he upcoming issue. Regular checking of the mailboxes was yielding nothing and then Joleen realized that we had not received any new mail since mid month. She texted me in a panic that even emails she sent were not arriving. When I got home last night, I started checking out all the aspects of the mailbox. Paid up? yes. active? yes. cache cleared? yes. Then for grins and giggles I clicked on the BULK file and voila! All of our missing emails from the last two weeks. I guess I had set the filters too high and it was weeding everything into Bulk Mail ( even us!) after some laughter and many sighs of relief, we are back to processing the submissions that have come in. So inspiring.

If you haven't sent anything in yet, please do! There is still a bit of time and we can squeeze you in. Cheers!

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