Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I came across Tamara Laporte recently on YouTube -she posts some really fun art videos that you can view here. She also keeps a lovely website. We've asked her to share a little about herself in our first artist spotlight. Look for more of her work in the upcoming issue! Enjoy!

5 Things I Can't Live Without...

Well, of course there isn't really anything that I can't live without apart from oxygen, water and food I suppose! ;)

But to name 5 things I really really love in life and could almost not live without:

1. My partner Andy (awww), he's simply one of the most amazing creatures I've ever had the pleasure to meet and be with.
2. My laptop/ an internet connection; I love creating and sharing my creations with the world. I've found the internet a wonderful place for sharing, connection and community.
3. My art supplies and art inspiration! Creating art works are deeply therapeutic to me, I immensely enjoy the creation process and looking at what other people create!
4. The teachings of Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie and Marshall Rosenberg. They help me put everything in perspective. It's the waking up while already being awake.
5. Humour. Laughing is like medicine. I particularly enjoy comedy that makes fun of the supposedly serious things in life.

On My Work Table Today...

On my work table today you can find a big huge incredible mess of stuff! Ha ha. There is a variety of brushes, paints, crayons, sewing materials like felt, cotton, safety eyes, big bags of polyfill, tissues, gouache paints, pens, pencils, sticky tape, the list is endless and oh my god I simply MUST tidy my work table! ;)

Favorite Art Things Today...

I have monster puppet plans, they are brooding … and I have plans for a new large mixed media canvas painting which will involve a scene with a cliff, a little house and two girls on a boat. I was dreaming about it last night actually! Additionally, I'm hoping to create a small stuffed toy tonight, with cute little beady eyes!

Tam loves drawing girls with pink hair, seahorses, giraffes, and swirly, twirly trees. She studied music and art in Holland for a while before running off to London where she developed her photography skills. She spent 10 years in London before moving to Sri Lanka for 2.5 years. It was there where her love for art journaling blossomed. Her art became increasingly more mixed media, messy, complicated and layered which is how she likes it now. At present she is a student of non-violent communication and lives with her partner, the magical Andy, in Brighton, England where she creates mixed media art daily. She likes pink bubblegum, avocados, humour and kindness. Oh, and she recently started making puppets, art dolls and monsters!


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Cara said...

Tamara's art is really interesting - I'm sure her studies internationally really helped her develop her artistic sense. I love that she recently started making her own puppets, art dolls and monsters! My kids got some Animal Hand Puppets from SuperSmartyPants for their birthdays this year and they've even tried their own artistic hands at making some of their own hand puppets - art is alive at any age!

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