Friday, January 9, 2009

Artist Spotlight: Jennifer Mercede

Jennifer Mercede was born in Long Beach, CA and grew up in Connecticut. She currently lives and works in Portland.

At a young age Jennifer began making art, inspired by her grandmother, a free-spirited watercolorist. She would spend hours making hundreds of handmade floral greeting cards and loved when she had the house to herself to turn the music up and work on a creative project.

Her primarily abstract paintings consist of free flowing text, bright color fields, and crazy energetic doodling. Internally guided they involve letting go, taking big risks and trusting that there is no such thing as a mistake. They are meant to enjoy and motivate. She is inspired by color, children’s art, old school hip hop flavor, graffiti, abstract expressionism, inner spirituality and her creative friends.

After receiving a B.A. in painting and illustration at Western Washington University, she took time to travel the country and harvest some of life’s wisdom through experience. Now, with curiosities satiated, she has settled into making art as a living. She intends to continue sharing her soul through colors on the wall, as well as through music and performance on stage.

We Asked, She Answered
What one word motivates you? Life

List 5 things you're inspired by.
Fruit Markets
People who are free

I really shouldn't, but I...
What I do, I do. Should or shouldn't is irrelevant. I play a different game :)

How do you define creativity?
The process of letting go of thought to connect with the moment and bring to life something fresh.

What do you dream?
Of being so confident I love everyone and am free from anyone's opinion of me!

How does your art fit into your life?
My art is a place to let energy out. it assists my evolution and provides for me a sense of purpose and pride.

What allows you to be most creative?
Giving myself time to follow my passions. Being free.

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