Monday, January 12, 2009

It's Call Time

We are excited to begin working on Issue #7 - our Home issue, coming this Spring! For this issue we're looking for the following:

♥ "Home" themed artwork and art for the home (like artwork for walls, pillows, decor, textiles, plush, etc). Please refer to these submission guidelines.
♥ Photo "stories".. one idea would be a polaroid series of old homes. We'd like to feature more photography in coming issues so we encourage you to share your work and ideas!
♥ Poetry/Creative Writing; Articles; Tutorials - please refer to these submission guidelines.
♥ We are looking for occasional "staff" writers so please email if you might be interested. This would include but is not limited to product + book reviews, articles, and tutorials. Please let us know what your interest is.

Please don't let this limit you. You may have a fabulous idea that we've not thought of and we'd love to hear it! As always, please feel free to send any themed artwork, articles, etc. you think we might be able to use in a future issue.

Home submissions DUE FEBRUARY 15!!


buebau said...

I love this picture...

Karin said...

Due Feb 15th...hmmmm.....I'm working on it...I'm workingon it.... :)

Carol Sloan said...

I tried to pull up the Portal web site but couldn' is me/my pc or the web site?

Becky New said...

Am interested in participating with calls for art and articles. Cannot find a contact email for you. Would you be willing to email me your email address?

Thank you!