Thursday, January 22, 2009

Artist Spotlight: Kara Haupt

My name is Kara Haupt, I'm 16 years old(17 in June! Yay). I live in the Northwest USA and like wearing plaid tights and eating cheese. I laugh and listen to music too much. I started art journalling and scrapbooking about two years ago. I love my camera and hope to someday pursue a career in photography. I keep busy with avoiding homework, hanging out with friends, and spending too much time on the computer.

*What one word motivates you?


It's sorta my word for 2009. I love the idea of being constantly refreshed, renewed and ready to go, change, and evolve. I love new toothbrushes, freshly painted fingernails, and a recently cleaned bedroom. This year, I want to freshed up a lot of ideas of art and my environment constantly. Keep things new. Take old things and freshen them up so I can learn from them and evolve.

I'm all about evolving and changing, I think somewhat because of my age. I have this entire expanse of beautiful life ahead of me and I know that I can make it be how I dream it to be. And the things I don't have control over? More the better. I take them and I learn from them. Keep things fresh. Evolve. :D

*List 5 things you're inspired by.

Watercolors.- Big time. My grandmother is an accomplished watercolorist and I really want to get into these and learn. It's such an expansive medium and I want to learn to take it to the next step in all areas of my life.

Blogs- I have about 110 blogs in my reader. I don't watch TV, I read blogs. I love that I'm kinda "keeping up" on other people's creative lives often(hehe. dude. that sounds creepy.... blogs are kinda creepy when you think about 'em anyways). They are inspiring and fulfilling.

Friends- Internetty friends and real friends. I've been blessed by some really amazing people in my life. I have friends that push me to be a better me and more risk taking "artist". They know when to step back and tell me to stop. They know what I'm capable of and they push me to do it. Love them.

God- Being Christian, trust in God is what keeps me going on. I see this stunning world that He created and it makes me want to make the ugly things pretty. And to find the beauty in the ugly. My relationship with Him has really crafted me into who I am and who I hope to become.

Film- Always, always, always makes me want to go take more pictures. I love getting a roll back from the developers. It's the film grain, the surprise, the natural vignetting. Totally inspiring!

*I really shouldn't, but I...

Drink too much coffee. At least, recently. I'm blaming it on gross creamer(how is gross creamer so amazingly delicous, I ask?) and finals coming up. Finals are lamesauce, yo.

*What do you dream?

I dream of a little old house, with mismatched colors and hardwood floors. I dream of an amazing man for me, one that'll love God more than me and laugh at my ridiculous jokes.

I dream of getting over my selfishness. I dream of having beautiful moments and trusting God.

I dream of being fresh and ready for whatever life'll throw at me.

*How does your art fit into your life?

I'm trying to get into the groove of taking photos more often, especially film. I use to art journal a lot more, but have been feeling slightly uninspired. I like taking this phases as they come and embracing them. I work for Hambly, which I love. Makes me sit down every month and actually create something.

*What allows you to be most creative?


From parameters and ideas that people put on me and silly "boxes". I love finding strange clothes at thrift stores and pairing them with weird things. I like knowing that I don't care what people think of my physical appearance.

I like new environments and fresh ideas and different mediums.

Learn more about Kara on her blog: Old Lady in a Teenager.


Mandi said...

Oh Kara. I love her too! :) What a fabulous artist, eh?

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Oh my! Great post!! So creative and fun.

euphoria said...

what a great interview! LOVED this!